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Tenten's diary entries - 音 
30th-Sep-2008 09:27 pm
I have never really posted to livejournal before, so if I did something wrong let me know ^^;

Also, if this post isn't allowed let me know ^^;

I'e been keeping up with Tenten's blog the past few months and thought I might try translating some of it. He's been pretty depressed and...if you don't know by now, he seems to be having a bunch of trouble trying to create music...he's more focused on hanging out with old friends and stuff like that. I hope he gets back into the scene soon, he's really a down to earth guy.






このブログを初めて1年間くらいたったけど… …















Right now I’m in the studio in real-time and…because I’m pretty free right now…I’m writing a blog entry while listening to the noise of the streaming guitars [from the studio equipment].

In response to the choice of words that were used by those who read my preivous blog

I received a lot of really unbelievable comments

And it’s not like I’m looking down on anyone…

It’s been about a year since I started this blog but… …

A lot has happened, and mentally I’ve been through a pretty tough period, suffering quite a bit…and I’ve been helped by everyone’s comments in this blog

While I look through the comments coming from everyone, and while I myself think and write that I want my confidence and everything else to become a source of power…I realize the distance between us has gotten shorter since my days when I was writing a blog in a band

The subject matter coming from those leaving comments has become a lot closer…stuff like “Do your best you piece of trash (頑張れよカス野郎)”
Because it’s not like I’m trying to put a distance between us, and if you feel like a friend then I don’t care at all. I’m still the worst kind of no-good human being so I really don’t mind… …

Since I too have the sense that I am being looked after by friends, I think I’ve gotten really sick of the nasty choice of words people have been using…because the number of readers is continuing to increase…and the people who read my blog…as well as the people who have just begun to read my blog, I really have a lot of different friends 

coming from the opinion that more careful wording and, in general, more care should be involved…I’m prepared to think [and give some criticism]

I have one thing to say
I’m not an idol……but because I’m super glad that people are able to understand and appreciate the music and lyrics I create… I think I might be able to help other people who are suffering in a similar situation that I am in but…

I am not that kind of beautiful human…I don’t even want to do the things I create

I guess it can’t be helped if this shatters your image of me and it's thought that I could care less about you guys

But that’s why when I’m told that I don’t have the capacity to create music

I get depressed like everyone else xD

[switches to a lead-in to the next diary]

From the guy who steadily works away from his computer…his name is Mike Benjamin…I’m going to give him a shoulder massage right now so


1st-Oct-2008 05:58 am (UTC)
Aww. Poor Tenten. D: I haven't skimmed through a lot of his longer entries. It's understandable that he may have some anti-fans trolling his blog, but I hope he understands that there are a lot of ppl who support him.

And thanks so much for translating this entry. :) It was definitely a good choice.
(Deleted comment)
3rd-Oct-2008 04:09 am (UTC)
I think a lot of the fans are getting imptient with Tenten, but I'm sure he'll be back soon ^^

I want to give him a hug too.

I read his diary pretty frequently, so I'll try translating some more if you like ^^
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